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I just saw my Burlington Coat Factory commercial on NBC.   Even though I know the work I do will be on the air, it is still a rush to hear my voice unexpectedly chiming out from the tube television on my dresser and I look up and there I am.  But it’s not me, again, it’s just a character that I get to play for the day.  She was a really fun one too!  I would like to play this character for many days, and I hope some day I get to.   So here is the link of me as a ridiculously snobby lady with bad taste and an obnoxious dog.

And here are some pictures of my experience on set that day.

That’s Kimberly Dollar, who plays my co-star in this spot.  She is a wonderful actress and was so fun to work with.  I ran into her at an audition 2 days ago that I am actually on hold for.

See how my feet are in a foot bath?  That seems really glam, right?  To just sit and soak in a warm foot bath on a Hollywood set.  Well, in order to get the dog to drink that water (as seen in the commercial), the wonderful foot bath I was soaking in was Chicken Broth!!  Imagine what the air around you would smell like if your flesh were soaking in warm chicken broth for hours.  It was not pretty.  But it made me laugh and remember how silly it is to take it all too seriously.  I also feel very blessed to have the privilege to marinate in dog soup in exchange for getting to do what I love.

This next one is behind the scenes.  It was one of those rare cold rainy days in LA so we spent  most of our time in the makeup trailer huddling around the mirror being girly and staying warm and dry.   Then the other actresses and makeup artist taught me how to do that arm thing that is supposed to make you look skinnier in pictures.  All of the actresses at the Oscars do it.  It is terribly uncomfortable and actually makes your shoulder feel like it’s going to pop out of the socket.  But I guess it looks hot or something or else people wouldn’t hire coaches to learn how to do it correctly (another fact I learned on set)  As you can see by my pic, I have not perfected this move yet.  I do not intend to hire a coach.

That’s Piper Hinson in the background.  She plays the French snob which you can also watch on the link above.  She was so funny!  Click on her name to also hear her amazing original music.  Everyone in this town is so talented!  I guess that’s why it can be a very intimidating place to live and why not everyone is comfortable staying here.  The talent that surrounds me is humbling and inspiring.   I truly think everyone who comes here to fulfill a dream not only has a shot, but with determination and focus has a really really good shot!

As you can see, the hair stylist put a wig on me!  I was so happy that I didn’t have to worry about my hair cooperating.   For the backstory check out my blog “HAIR” I can’t tell you the relief that came over me when he pulled out that wig!

There it is.  Me behind the scenes on the set of a commercial.  It was a great day on set I must say.  If I book the job I’m on hold for (in the industry being on hold for a job is called “AVAIL”) I’ll be traveling to Portland next week to spend another day on set.  If I don’t get it, I will be released from “AVAIL” and go back to booking it around town from audition to audition for that golden opportunity to work hard on set! Either way, I promise to keep you updated.

I hope you are enjoying your life and having fun.  Like Joseph Campbell says, “Follow your bliss!” and like I always say, “Stay Positive” 🙂

Love and Light,



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