Every Day or Never

I just made a really bad dinner.  Honestly.  I feel like tossing it down the sink.  Ironically, I was going to blog about the recipe, which I slightly modified,  and include pictures.  Maybe the lesson is don’t modify a recipe until you’ve made it as instructed first.  This was all inspired by my friend Ben Mandelker’s “B-Side Blog”.  He makes blogging seem so effortless.  He blogs about his dinner and about how he has never had a shamrock shake and about various happenings in pop culture and what’s going on around town.   Simple right?  A blog.

But what if all I have to write about right now is my crappy dinner?  And why should I try to make my life look perfect or more interesting or better just because I blog about it.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to go take a picture of my crappy dinner and post it.

There it is.  My crappy dinner.  Actually it doesn’t look as bad in the picture, but I assure you, it was flavorless and funky and I think the vegetables I used were old and the peanut butter may have been expired.  Bad.

I have, however, committed to blogging daily, as instructed by Ben.  His success does warrant adhering to his advice.  “Oh my God!” he said to me “You will be totally addicted to it!”   Great.   An addiction.  Just what the doctor ordered.

I have this theory, or mantra or whatever that I call “Every Day or Never”  It goes like this: Certain things in life you have to do daily, like brush your teeth, for instance.  Other things you probably should do daily but don’t always have time for, like experiment with a new recipe for dinner, for instance.

Then there are those tasks that in your mind you always promise yourself you will begin to do daily some day.  Maybe “Monday” or “tomorrow.” Like work out, eat better, or start a blog for instance.  Well, for those hard to do tasks that I promise myself daily that I will begin to do some day, I apply my mantra.  “Every day or never!”  Basically, I strive every day to do these things because I realize that if I don’t do them every day I will fall out of the habit and all of the efforts of my mind can not will my body to follow so the missions that I should be accomplishing daily that make me feel better anyway go right down the drain like my crappy Pad Tai dinner.

What if I don’t get to one of my “Every day or never” duties?  Well, it’s alright, because in the “Every day or never” mindset I tend to get right back to it the next day.   And so I sat down tonight with nothing to blog about except my lack of cooking skills and out of it came the inspiration to share my mantra with you.

The moral of my after dinner story is that if you honestly try to do something “Ever day or never” you might be surprised how often you actually do it.  And the bigger lesson is, when you REALLY don’t feel like doing it….DO IT ANYWAY!   I did just now and I’m on track and I feel much better 🙂

Now I’m gonna go get something to eat!  Off I go…


Be Silly.  Have Fun.

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