New Year: 10 things to do now if you are scared

In my little oasis in Hollywood January 1st is not the celebration day I hoped it would be. It is instead the beginning of one of the greatest challenges in my life’s journey. I don’t know quite where to start. I’m not quite sure what to do actually. Everyone who advises on the topic reminds me about time. Time which does not exist and yet somehow has it’s own unique way of healing. If you know me, you know that I am filled with joy and positivity and this has never wavered. It has been my natural state since birth. I am filled with hope and love and strive to hold and share this vibration outward. It’s just that today, I have a broken heart. It’s been cracked open and all of it’s fragile contents have been exposed.

All is not lost. As I sit in the restlessness of not knowing how to begin mending it, it occurs to me that instead of being alone with it, I can share it. I can share it with you because it’s okay to be where I am at, even it it doesn’t feel that way. And it is possible that I am not alone.

Are you going through something difficult today? You are not alone. Are you feeling a little sad? You are not alone. Are you looking ahead at the open canvas of 2018 without art supplies and kinda scared? You are not alone. You are not alone.

So, we are not alone. Now what? What can we do?

Let’s contemplate together of all of the numerous blessings in our lives.
Let’s ponder the wonder and magic of life itself.
Let’s re-frame our way of facing 2018 with fear and let’s call it excitement.
Let’s get curious and go out there and see what life has to offer us.
Let’s honor where we are, wherever that is, and start from here.
Let’s let go of knowing the answer and embrace not having any clue at all.
Let’s see what happens.
Let’s do it together.
Let’s start now.
You and me.

Love and Light,

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