Echo Park LakeThis morning I had a doctor’s appointment to check out an irregular mole. Good news: nothing abnormal, just an age spot (that was the bad news) The free consultation was in South Central so I used WAYZ to navigate the fastest route back to Hollywood. I realized at some point that I was nearing Echo Park Lake so I decided to park & walk around the lake instead of rush home to do work.

It was a beautiful warm and breezy summer morning so I took my time strolling around the lake. I even stopped and read about the history and really took in the recent renovations. I spent time with the animals. While taking pictures I noticed a red tailed hawk souring above and observed it for a moment. Then I noticed a man standing alone in the grass calmly raking leaves wearing khaki shorts and a vest that read “Volunteer.”
I asked “Where did you volunteer for this job?”
“At the Elysian Park office.” He replied. “I just graduated from college and I have some time on my hands so I went there to volunteer. It’s great, they pick you up and then drop you off.”
“Where?” I asked.
“Over at the office near Dodger Stadium. They will come pick me up and drive me back there.”
“And they provide you with the rake, the vest, and the trash bag?” I asked
“Yes.” He answered.
“Well, that’s just great. Thank you so much for volunteering. You’re doing a great job. What a nice place to volunteer.”

As I resumed strolling the walkway a lovely young woman wearing a straw hat holding flowers approached me and asked “Do you know any good Birthday songs? I’m meeting my friend here and it’s her birthday today.” I thought, well, she’s going to love this (thanks law of attraction) “I did singing telegrams in college,” I replied. “The birthday song for the telegrams was pretty cool, wanna hear it?” Of course she said yes, so I delivered her the full on Broadway style version. She FREAKED out (as I suspected she might) and after a series of failed attempts to record me singing it into her Iphone I offered to walk with her and deliver the song personally to her friend.

We began to walk together. On our way around the bend of the lake a woman holding a live green turtle upside down approached us. “Will you help me?” She asked. Apparently the turtle had been escaping the lake and wandering the surrounding land. The girl had been repeatedly returning the turtle to the lake and it had defied her each time, climbing back onto land and wandering toward the road. The solution this woman had come up with was to climb the large iron gate that encloses the bridge that leads to the island and place the turtle there where she thought it might be more safe. My job: Hold the turtle (upside down which makes you less likely to drop it when it’s pointy nails dig into your hand while trying to escape) while she climbed the chain locked fence successfully. I handed the wiggling turtle to her through the fence. As she ran down the bridge to the island with it she yelled, “Watch my purse.” Which she had left at my feet with her iphone poking out.

Once that heroic task was complete, we noticed the turtle swimming right back toward the land. “Look!” shouted the hero. “He just keeps swimming back to the land. I can’t stand here and watch him all day!” We shared a laugh about the turtle’s possible agenda as the turtle girl ran off in the other direction and the woman with the straw hat and I continued to walk. When we saw her birthday friend she broke away, then I snuck up on them and performed the singing telegram for the Birthday Girl. She was surprised and amazed and awed. She asked if it was fate, or had it been arranged to which I replied, “Both.”

My life is pretty magical and when I follow my intuition (stopping for walk around the lake instead of rushing home) the flow is true Bliss!

Happy Day everyone! Volunteer whenever possible. You never know what adventure might follow.

Be silly. Have fun!

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