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When good friend and film producer Jessica Goldstein asked me to watch the teaser trailer for her upcoming film CENT$, I was not expecting to be so emotionally moved and intrigued.  Her work is solid, don’t get me wrong, but we all know someone making an independent film and sometimes it’s hard to capture the projection of a full length feature film in a short trailer.  Check it out:

This successfully peeked my curiosity about the film’s content, the story that inspired it, and her film making process.   I had a moment to sit down with her recently and chat with both her and the film’s writer/lead actress and native American, Tiger Moon.  While the story in the film is fiction, it is largely influenced by Tiger’s real life story.

As the product of a failed foster care system,  a childhood riddled with physical and emotional abuse, a pregnancy out of wedlock, and a subsequent period of surviving life on the streets with a child, Tiger has worked hard to beat the odds which have never been in her favor.   I asked her how she had made her way from the alleys and into college and she responded “I heard once that only 2% of foster kids graduate from high school and I did not want that to be me.  Then I heard that only 10% went to college and I did not want that to be me either.  I wanted to beat the statistics not be one.  The indigenous part of me gives me an extreme sense of compassion and that’s a big reason I think the way I do.”

One of the things about the trailer for CENT$ that stands out to me is that it incorporates visual art effects, music, and story telling.  It is not too avant garde to understand that it focuses on homelessness yet I can tell the film will take me on a visual and audio journey along with it’s story.  I was curious how Tiger decided to tell her story in such a way and she said, “I want to tell the story creatively so it can ease it’s way into your consciousness.   Spoken word and poetry helped me to realize that I could be an example for change and an inspiration instead of another statistic.   Art saved my life.”

CENT$ is a conscious art film that strives to break stereotypes and humanize homelessness. In order to produce the feature film, the money must first be raised through the project’s Indiegogo campaign.   From the Heart Productions graciously offered to be a fiscal sponsor for the film after the concept caught their attention in 2010 when Tiger submitted the treatment to their yearly competition. The great news for you is that your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!    I have been told that a donation at any level, even $10-$20 is helpful.   Please take a moment to watch the trailer and contribute what you can.

During an economical meltdown where propaganda abounds, it makes sense to contribute to projects that help create awareness and understanding between us.  It makes sense to support and fund art that strives to uplift and inspire.  CENT$ is well worth your 2 cents

Help make CENT$ by contributing here:

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