4 Steps to GREAT SKIN!

I’m not a doctor or a dermatologist; I am just a woman with a strict daily skin care regimen that that seems to be paying off!   Women always ask how I keep my skin looking youthful and radiant.  Here is a list of what I do daily.  If my regimen doesn’t work for you, modify it until you find what works or consult a doctor/dermatologist.


I exfoliate my face morning and night.  I also always use exfoliating gloves on my body in the shower.  Skin is an organ that absorbs toxins, oils, dirt, and makeup day and night, not to mention all the dead skin cells hanging around!  Hands are not an adequate way to exfoliate the face and body.  I use a brush or a buffer sponge.  I treat my skin like I do my teeth.   I exfoliate for 2 minutes morning and night with gentle pressure in circular motions upward using an exfoliating sponge or brush.

I use an all-natural foaming face wash without parabens or sulfates.  Cream cleansers feel heavy and my face never feels clean, so I prefer foam.   I also use an at home microderm abrasion kit 3x per week.  I LOVE it and feel that it is an important part of my routine.   It makes my skin soft, my pores smaller, and has reduced fine lines in my face.  Never (ever ever) go to sleep without washing your face (No matter how much you had to drink or how cute he is).


I give my pores a good solid cleaning so moisturizing is key.  I try to choose products that are paraben and sulfate free and I don’t believe advertisements.  I have done research about which products are scientifically proven and work for me.  There are only a few products actually proven to do what they claim.  I always use a cream with SPF during the day.

In addition to my moisturizer, I use a lotion 2x per day that has 10% Alpha Hydroxy acid (Retinol is also a good choice but requires a prescription). They are both proven to improve the surface of the skin.  It stings a little, it is acid after all, but that means it’s working.   I would rather treat my skin with a small concentrate of acid daily than go through a major acid peel later in life.   For added moister in dry spots, I break Vitamin E capsules, and put the oil  (along with avocado oil) under my eyes, on my forehead, lips, and neck.


I drink water (almost exclusively), rarely drink alcohol, and use a humidifier in my bedroom.   I noticed many years ago that my skin looks younger in moist climates and older when I’m in the desert.   Putting moister into the air improves the look of my skin in a very short amount of time.  I use a vaporizer because I like warm steam but you might prefer a cold air humidifier.  Either way, use one daily if you can.  When I have access to a steam room, steaming is a part of my regimen.  I also keep a small spray bottle of water in my purse or car.  I hydrate my skin throughout the day with a fine mist of purified water over my makeup. It feels great and even wakes me up a bit.

Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant proven to promote collagen formation when applied topicaly, but once it has been mixed into a lotion it looses it’s potency in as little as 2 weeks.   Expensive vitamin C creams no longer carry the benefit of Vitamin C.   I did some research and now I buy Vitamin C in its pure powder form online (L-Ascorbic Acid) and mix the powder with purified water in a small glass spray bottle every week.  I spray it on my face and body morning and night.  Research “do it yourself Vitamin C lotion” and find a recipe that works for you.  You will save SO MUCH money!  I spend about $20 every 6 months!


In addition to eating consciously, I take 7 vitamin supplements 2x per day.   I take vitamin E, oil of evening primrose, black currant seed oil, B complex, Biotin, Vitamin C, and calcium/magnesium/zinc.   Do some research and consult your doctor or herbalist to see what combination of supplements is right for you and your skin.   I noticed that my skin was brighter after about a month of taking vitamin supplements and my nails grew faster.  My immune system also feels stronger.  I rarely miss a dose of my daily vitamins.

Finally: Smile and be Positive!  Nothing looks better on your face than a smile 🙂

That’s it!  It may seem like a lot, but these are daily habits that I rarely even think about.  It may take a bit of effort in the beginning but I believe that when you (and others) begin to notice your radiant skin, you will practice skin care with ease!  Nothing feels better at any age than hearing, “You have such great skin!”

Here’s a pic from my Iphone au natural 🙂

Love and Light,




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