Drop Box: Do Something Different

I just took the most challenging fitness class of my life.  Seriously, my arms are shaking and I’ve already made 10 typing errors.  “I feel like I’m going to puke” Michael, who encouraged me to purchase the Groupon, said as we stumbled, disoriented and depleted out of our first class.   We have 4 classes left.   Without the saving incentive I may have never faced my fear of those big scary machines that seem to stretch and bend you in every direction challenging your strength, flexibility, and as I found out tonight, your balance.  I almost fell over after 20 minutes.

I already overcame my greatest fear on Wednesday: Auditioning in a bikini, and another of my fears today.  I submitted myself for an audition for a major network TV show.  I don’t mind being submitted by an agent or a manager (or with an industry referral).  Even though I believe in myself and the work I do, for some reason I have a fear around promoting myself to industry professionals.  For some reason my mind makes me think that they are way over there in the sky somewhere and I’m just little ole’ me down here in the brier patch.   This is even despite the fact that I am a working actor and have a lot of experience on set.  My fear makes no sense.  It is holding me back.  I found out that the show Dexter is currently casting a role for an upcoming episode that I fit the character description of.  So, with the encouragement of Ken Costanza (who runs a fantastic workshop at House of Actors) I drove over to their offices today and submitted myself.

It turns out that the casting office isn’t some golden palace in the sky with bars and angry watchman waiting, not to cast me, but to cast me away.   It was just an office building in the valley with an old elevator that took me to the 3rd floor and dropped me off in front of an office with a box outside the door that said “Drop Box”

Here’s my VLOG about the experience.

I will continue to push forward through my various fears by taking action and I encourage you to do the same! And, as always, don’t forget to be silly and have fun!

Love and Light,

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